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SuperTalent - Fiona Barber: Is she the new Susan Boyle?

It is precisely the tension and the tenterhooks before the presentation, that thrills the casting show Das Supertalent for the crowd: Is the next participant a flop candidate who is on the jury of Dieter Bohlen ripped through the air ? Or will you get the same the next star to face? When Fiona Barber, both the audience and the jury in the beginning was not aware of what to expect it.

iona who is four months pregnant, sang "Still" by Jupiter Jones - in memory of her late mother. The unassuming and shy Fiona Barber attended with her soulful interpretation of emotion when the jury: Bruce Darnell munched a few tears. Only Lena Gercke  was the talk of the 24-year-old cold: From the model, she got a "No". However, the other three judges saw it differently and sent Fiona in the next round. A certain similarity to the former Britain's Got Talent winner Susan Boyle can not be dismissed out of hand: The British superstar was initially decried as a wallflower before she not only Simon Cowell delighted the audience with her voice.

Whether Fiona Barber has the makings of upcoming Super Talent will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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