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Sven Hannawald: freshly in love for Christmas

Sven Hannawald: freshly in love for Christmas

There are probably still a Merry Christmas for Sven Hannawald. After the ski jumper had separated from his fiancée, the model Alena Gerber, in the summer, he has made himself privately even the nicest Christmas present: he is courting.

To picture the Olympic champion confirmed that he again recently in solid hands. His new name Melissa Thiem, is 25 and doing just as sporty as the former winner of the four hills tournament: you play for the second team of German women soccer champions VfL Wolfsburg. In the town of VW, it had also sparked then between the two. Now the pair results in a long distance relationship, since the 40-year-old lives in Munich: "We try to see us as often as possible despite the distance can be but slowly go all", Sven looks positively in the future.

So sounds like a beautiful, contemplative Christmas celebration with Sven and Melissa - and also his ex-fiancée Alena spends the holidays with their loved ones: it celebrates quite calm with her mother.

Melissa Thiem