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Taylor Swift admits: Of course I drink!

Taylor Swift admits: Of course I drink!

Hardly a pop star become famous already in the teen age has succeeded, as scandal-free to pursue his career as Taylor Swift. 

The country artist is the American flagship star and stay away - up on their more or less turbulent dating behavior - always the negative headlines. In doing so, the singer is by no means a Saint and admits now:
Yes, I drink alcohol.

In the annually published TV special "Barbara Walters' 10 most fascinating people" Taylor is now remarkably open insights into their lives.

She want making apparently significantly, that she is a normal girl in the twenties, quite like celebrating and it flushes the one or the other glass.
I mean, I'm 25, of course I drink. 
Nevertheless she do deal with the topic of alcohol responsibly.
I waited with drinking till I was 21. I was so paranoid to get problems, as bad and hold here or send a wrong message.