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Taylor Swift's Lover? Now speaks Matt Healy

Taylor Swift's Lover? Now speaks Matt Healy

Offing since about the next great romance to?

Taylor Swift, who actually had enough of Dating and Relationships, their opinion might appear to have still changed. Because lately she has been spotted frequently in concerts of indie rockers The 1975s.

It is said to have Taylor apart on the handsome singer Matt Healy. And the price is now details of his meeting with the pop star.

I met Taylor Swift - and it was really nice 
said the 25-year-old in a radio interview with Shazam Top 20's. Apparently want the two meet again:
We exchanged phone numbers Let's see what happens.
At the thought of his famous admirer Matt comes from the school also no longer out:
Damn, what should I do now? Going out with Taylor Swift? It is a blast, I would not say 'No'.
So now takes only Taylor say "yes".

Taylor Swift

Matt Healy