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Tearful samples: Selena Gomez totally emotional | Video diary of the AMA

Tearful samples: Selena Gomez totally emotional | Video diary of the AMA

At this year's American Music Awards, Selena Gomez surprised with a very emotional performance. They performed their song "The heart wants what it wants", where it is speculated she would talk about the broken relationship with Justin Bieber. The fans were moved after her appearance to tears and praised her honesty on the stage. Now Selena has published a video diary on her YouTube channel, where she shows how she prepared for a such a soulful performance.

"This performance makes me a little scared, but I'm very excited. My intention was to give all of me", she confesses in her video. The camera accompanied them to their samples for the AMA and shows how she put in the right mood for the emotional song: the 22-year-old feels her favorite worship song "Oceans", which every time makes them cry. Everything done correctly, because during their performance at the AMA she made it, adding a mega performance and to stir the viewers and fans to tears. Selena is relieved and happy that she has managed to transport their feelings as well.

Selena Gomez totally emotional

"Someone asked me once, what would be the one thing that I wish, what the people above me should know. "And I said: I want it to be my heart." The singer seems to have managed in their song, it opens and shows very vulnerable, which brought even more brownie points you at the fans.

The whole emotional video diary by Selena can look at this again here: