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TVoG rate crisis: final weaker than ever | So few spectators than ever

TVoG rate crisis: final weaker than ever

Last night, it was finally so far: the long-awaited finale of the voice of Germany ran across the screens. But the number of televisions to see where the big final show was, but rather quite manageable, for the viewing figures were not particularly exhilarating.

According to the figures of the television Research Association and the society for consumer research, "The Voice of Germany" had the weakest final of all time this year and thus was the crisis that pulled through the entire season, until the end. Although the market share was still good 11.5 percent, the number of 3.15 million viewers was still the lowest of all final shows. In the previous year, still a whopping 450,000 people had turned more.

Despite the weakest rate since the beginning of the show, should Charley Ann Schmutzler be pretty proud of their victory and the broadcast go certainly in the next year with a new season to start.

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