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Valentina Pahde: ​​How We Roll of sexy GZSZ newbie!

Valentina Pahde: ​​How We Roll of sexy GZSZ newbie!

Valentina Pahde is the beautiful New GZSZ! From the end of January, they will Gerners Jo (Wolfgang Bahro, 54) Granddaughter Sunny play and Vince (Vincent Krüger, 23) neat twist the head. And as sexy as the blonde showing happy, he should not be the only guy who wants to attract attention Valentina. And as for the private life of New Berlin woman there to announce two good news: Because Valentina is single and it is available in a twin pack!

GZSZ, Valentina Pahde

The 20-year-old told Münchenerin the image that she had her dream man has not yet been found. Your better half is currently only her twin sister Cheyenne, who also works as an actress and she goes through thick and thin. Couple make the two sisters not only like the Oktoberfest unsafe or board one or the other red carpet, but also form a singing duo. Via Instagram refers to the former Marienhof Actress their followers regularly share their life and also like to posting a sexy beach or dirndl photo.

Valentina Pahde

Wie sich Sunny im Kollekiez einleben wird, bleibt abzuwarten. Die attraktive Single-Lady fühlte sich aber mit ihrem Soap-Opa Wolfgang Bahro von Anfang an am Set wohl:
Wir sind uns sofort in die Arme gefallen, obwohl wir uns nicht kannten. Wir sind trotz Altersunterschied echt auf einer Wellenlänge.