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What's up? Angelina Heger posting sad words

What's up? Angelina Heger posting sad words

Since this summer turtelt Angelina Heger with her Chrissi.. He will soon probably for a while to give up his girlfriend, because it belongs to all appearances to the candidate for the jungle camp. But now maybe something else the mood between the two has not rained out, because Angelina is now posted a few lines that raise some questions.

I do not know if it is better if it is different. I just know that it needs to change to make it better. 
These words divided the former Bachelor contestant on their Facebook profile. Underneath she posted a black and white Selfie on which they reflected her eyes and looks pretty sad. Whether the words of 22-year-olds might be sent to her boyfriend? It is clear that the lines are very emotional and Angelina would like to express their dissatisfaction. So far she had and her lover in seventh heaven, but ultimately only know the blonde themselves, who should feel concerned by her post. Presumably they will tell their followers soon about the reason for their melancholic mood. But first, the enigmatic words remain a mystery.

Angelina Heger

angelina heger with her Chrissi turtelt