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Woof! Ariana Grande makes a Doggie | Please fondles me!

Woof! Ariana Grande makes a Doggie | Please fondles me!

Ariana Grande has often shown her penchant for cat ears - now the former Disney star but proves that she has more animal impressions on it. The singer has probably something cribbed from the three barking quadrupeds, which she calls her own, because Ariana is now making itself a pooch on

On Instagram now Ariana posted this photo: The entertainer sprawls on the backseat of a Cars and keeps smiling the hide occupied wrists in the air. True to the motto: Please fondles me! The favor has enjoyed doing her determined Lover Big Sean, she hugged namely just publicly on the Jingle Ball 

After her performance there is also this snapshot created. "After the Jingle Ball last night (I have 14 slept hours after I had hardly slept all week and so I feel right now), "Ariana commented the image. After so much stress, the dog-tired "Love Me Harder" -Interpretin but really deserves some TLC.

You are true fans of the dog fanatic? Then shows but if you can answer all the questions of Ariana Grande Quiz '!

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