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Wow! Kaley Cuoco is the unvarnished truth | Before-and-after images as evidence

As "Penny" in the income sitcom The Big Bang Theory it does not take itself too seriously. And in real life actress Kaley Cuoco has quite a bit of humor! This proves her recent snapshot.

In Instagram Kaley has posted a before-and-after picture of  himself. On the one image is unflattering and distort jokingly face. The other picture is trimmed by her team of stylists and looks seductively into the camera. These Kaley wrote: "I thank God for my team." Yes, they actually did a good job. Although the "Penny" actress course without much makeup looks great. The find also her fans: "You're adorable when you're wearing makeup or without makeup," is a comment.

Kaley Cuoco

But as a professional styling is of course great - this would probably only a few women say no. "I need her team of stylists", a female fan wrote. But as a styling for every day - that is probably only the Stars reserved. Finally, also costs quite something. A small consolation for all "normal" women so that Kaley itself takes the mickey out and not pretend that they would perfectly made up and coiffed bounce out of bed every morning. Eitel the Hollywood star is not anyway. She has no problem with it going even in the baggy look at the door and this is anyway quite sympathetic.

Kaley Cuoco