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Young is already planned | Buckle! Get Amal and George Clooney a baby?

Young is already planned | Buckle! Get Amal & George Clooney a baby?

It is not so long ago, as one of the most sought after no-longer-Bachelor of the world and his beautiful sweetheart gave in Venice tie the knot. In terms of family planning like George Clooney and his Amal but apparently now finally take the next step.

On the way to a club in the West Hollywood lovebirds were photographed by many paparazzi. On closer inspection, the snapshots it is striking that rises a small bulge under Amals white coat! Is there such a small Clooney approaching or are there only the clothes a bit inconvenient? At the wedding a little more than two months, the bride was still very thin and of a pregnancy belly was far and wide no trace.

After thus already been speculation the couple could possibly adopt a child could now possibly already own the road be. However, a spokesman denied Clooney facing now Us Weekly the rumors: ".Amal Clooney is not pregnant"

Amal & George Clooney

pregnant Amal Clooney