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'BBB 15': 'Fernando Medeiros is catching', says friend

A person close Afroreggae producer said he is 'calm and charismatic'.

'BBB15': 'Fernando Medeiros is catching', says friend

Fernando Medeiros is single and has a reputation for catching out of the house of Big Brother Brazil 15. Who says this is a friend of his, who declined to be identified.
"Fernando is catcher, but was living six months ago in California and had a girlfriend there. He came back in December and I'm pretty sure you're single. He is a womanizer," 
-said the friend, who ensures that although philanderer, the boy is "supereducado and a cute".

Degree in physical education, he was coordinator of the gym Body Tech da Gávea, the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, to be invited to be coordinator of the sports Afroreggae projects.
He is a super sweet person, charismatic and calm mega. It has everything to win,
 -he said. He added:
I never saw him in a bad mood or treating someone badly was so good professional who won a Best Engineer Award from the gym where he worked The chicks were all in love with him He earned everyone with the hang of it, you know...? 
-he said.

Fernando loves tattoos, live in Meier in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, and has a pet dog. "He's son calls," said the friend, about Fred. The boy is also often seen in Viaduct Madureira and likes basketball and hip hop.

The friend also says that did not imagine that his friend would get into the program.
I could imagine him inside the house, but I think this was not a dream it. As he was in Afroreggae, must have arisen that chance, 
-he said.

With his father's death, even as a child Fernando went on to help the mother's support, who lives in a small apartment in the same neighborhood where he lives. In December, he was startled.
A doctor thought he had a heart condition after doing a routine examination. So he had to do more tests to see what it was. But fortunately came to nothing. It is super healthy,
-she said, on a photo on his Facebook account, where it appears in the hospital.

Elsewhere in his social network, he criticized Juju Salimeni and Bella Falconi.

Elsewhere in his social network

BBB15 Fernando Medeiros is charismatic

BBB15 Fernando Medeiros is catching

BBB15 Fernando Medeiros