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Bieber CK-shoot: Lara Stone threatened with death! | Fans are totally jealous

Bieber CK-shoot: Lara Stone threatened with death!

Justin Bieber has stripped off his pants and now presents itself in tight panties for the Calvin Klein label. Yes, as a fan of the Canadian man has it these days certainly good - in the place of Lara Stone, that sexy posed in front of the camera on the side of the singer, but less! Because jealous Bieber lovers now actually threatening her with death...

On Twitter, the little positive news have received now a distinct quality, so that they now all have been deleted. Some could be held still before removal, so a message was well:
I'm going to kill this girl.
Others should have threatened to teach a lesson to Lara, should she be again presume, to touch Justin's cock. However, Lara received quite the one or the other tweet, who sought at least to courtesy:
Step back or I will make you ready, please. Thank You! But no pressure. 
Hopefully, the girls have also noticed that the Comforter hour had played with the idol of the teen heart only for a camera ...

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