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Engaged? Angelina Heger is suspected ring!

Engaged? Angelina Heger is suspected ring!

In a few days, rises Angelina Heger on the plane towards Australia and must compete for a few weeks in the jungle. In the past it has appeared again and again, how much the celebrity jungle campers miss their loved ones in these difficult moments. And one or the other then realize how big really is love. Now Angelina Heger has posted a photo of themselves, they and their Chrissi about ahead of the jungle have made nails with heads on which she wears a shiny ring on her finger -?

"Luck and so.." Thank you thank you thank you"Angelina writes under the Facebook snapshot. Radiantly happy, she looks towards the camera and presented a piece of jewellery on the right ring finger. The beautiful blonde "Yes" said? At first glance it could be an engagement ring in any case, eventually the two months show totally in love and Angelina repeatedly stressed that she wanted to start a family early. Maybe it's just a gift and intended actually as a good-luck charm.

At the latest around the campfire in the jungle camp Angelina will tell certainly, whether her beloved has proposed to her.

Angelina Heger Engaged