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In just one month: 8 kilos away! 'Geordie Shore'- Charlottes new body

Four dress sizes in a very short time! What sounds like the empty promises of a women's magazine, has Geordie Shore Star Charlotte Crosby actually managed. She is as proud, presented daily on the social networks.

Charlotte Crosby new body

While she gave still a somewhat portly figure in a bikini in the summer holiday for half a year ago, she is now extremely slim and trained. Even before their radical cure, she was always happy, but inside she have to take long. Clearly her repeatedly on her Instagram channel. Here, she post pictures of yourself in strapless tops and tight dress - something that would have been unthinkable before a few months for them now only too happy.

Charlotte Crosby now extremely slim and trained

By discipline, healthy diet and exercise she has reached, which she has so long dreamed. She tries to make that a healthy lifestyle can cause many other girls with their pictures. One must overcome just his son of a bitch.

Charlotte Crosby