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Incredible: How the World Cup hero Neymar looks now!

Incredible: How the World Cup hero Neymar looks now!

Even at the football World Cup in Brazil last year saw superstar Neymar not only by his ball skills sensation, but also by changing its styling. And exactly this is currently at the peak. Barely recognizable is the star kicker while vacationing in Jurere, Brazil.

On the side of a beautiful young woman - how could it be otherwise? - Neymar appears in completely new look. On the nose suddenly sits a black horn-rimmed glasses, the beard is white-grayish in color and on his head sits a mandatory Cappy. Thanks to its new look Neymar can almost incognito make the party locations of the metropolis uncertain. Because at first glance, one would certainly recognize the international star. However, what is typical for him: the company of a pretty woman. The unknown is nestled familiar to the football players, their effect on him is clearly aware of.

And the lady is definitely not his last official girlfriend, the Serbian model Soraja Vucelic. So Neymar is oriented not only technically styling? Or is it just a harmless flirt here? Yes it is known that Neymar has a weakness for the female sex, and so it is quite possible that he has presented his new love right here!

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