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New look: Orlando Bloom turns a terror movie

New look: Orlando Bloom turns a terror movie

Gone is the era of Legolas and the bespoke suit makes the actor currently in the closet. Orlando Bloom shows up at the moment of his masculine side and gives the impression that he could be making on the set of his new movie "Unlocked" sometimes also dirty.

That is the impression one gets at least when looking at the new pictures from the movie set in Prague. There, the actor in a cool casual look was photographed consisting of gray jeans, same-colored jacket, gray shirt that can neckline revealing flashes his tattoo, and boots. His loose braid and the serious to strained facial expression do the rest, to enhance the male effect.

The terrorist thriller "Unlocked" is about a CIA agent (Noomi Rapace, 35), which is responsible for accidentally that important information is distributed to terrorists, then planning a biological attack on London. In addition to Naomi and Orlando also Hollywood veteran Michael Douglas will be shown in the strip by the way.

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