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On the tracks: Fitness Model died in training!

On the tracks: Fitness Model died in training!

This message shocked the Fitness Fanatic: your idol Greg Plitt, American model and actor, came on Sunday in California in a tragic train accident killed. Now get more details about the circumstances of his death to light that raises questions.

Previously it was only known that Greg was hit by a train in his hand was reportedly a camcorder. Looking at it now Greg's official YouTube channel is striking that the fitness freak practiced unusual training methods. In many clips he can be seen on railroad tracks on which he completed his workout. Greg encourages his followers, for example, their efforts to promote doing pushups on the rails.
Fitness Model Greg Plitt died in training

So he Stripped of his death also such a video? It certainly looks, because the training on a web site seems to have Greg made frequently. As it stands, was exactly his fitness concept. So that he began life on the game, Greg has probably never considered. Now that's arrived and an entire industry mourns for her pioneering. . Two colleagues who were allegedly in the accident with you, yet to comment on the tragedy.

looked exactly how Greg's training on the rails, you can look at in one of his videos now itself: