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Pakistan: Imran Khan opponent married a former Miss Meteo BBC

Pakistan: Imran Khan opponent married a former Miss Meteo BBC

Islamabad, Pakistani cricketer and politician Imran Khan, ex-gloire married Thursday to a former journalist for the BBC, ending years of speculation about the loves of the most coveted man of Pakistan.

Imran Khan, 62 years and eternal look of muscular playboy, is is married to Reham Khan, 41 years, Miss weather to the BBC today at the helm of a talk show on the Pakistani Dawn News channel, before any witnesses with a ceremony Muslim on the outskirts of the capital Islamabad, said the spokesman of his party, Shirin Mazari.

"There will be no great reception. Tomorrow, the food will be distributed to poor children", she said, putting end to weeks of rumors and gossip in the local press about the loves of the darling of the country.

Imran Khan had given in 1992 to Pakistan its only cricket World Cup, a sport that takes almost religion in the Indian subcontinent. He was then married to the British Jemina Goldsmith before divorce in 2004.

At the legislative elections of 2013, his party of Justice (PTI) had finished in third place in number of seats in Parliament, but second in terms of popular vote.

Since the month of August, Imran Khan led a protest movement against the Government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif whom he accuses of having benefited from massive fraud in these elections.

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