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Positive pregnancy test | Who is pregnant: Kim Kardashian or Kendall?

Positive pregnancy test | Who is pregnant: Kim Kardashian or Kendall?

Kim Kardashian did no secret from it in the past to admit that she wants fastest possible another baby to North west. Long since the Reality-TV-Beauty and her lord and master Kanye try west to get the second child, up to now still in vain. However, now it looks completely afterwards as if there was happy news in the big Kardashian family.

Still nothing was officially confirmed, however, the first trailer of the tenth relay which was emitted to the finale by "Kourtney Khloe take the Hamptons" for the first time picks out as a central theme the baby subject.

 Kim is shown at first with the doctor, afterwards a tray with umpteen pregnancy tests - afterwards is to be seen single with the sign "positively".

Short time after the trailer was shown, Kims sister Khloe published a photo on Instagram. To see on it the positive pregnancy test with the comment: " Who is pregnant? Kim, Khloe or Kendall? " The photo extinguished Khloe already after a short time again, maybe because it already betrayed too much?

Now fans puzzle of course the more whether it can be actual that Kim once more expects younger generation.

 Now Kendall which would like to work nowadays, actually, further on her big model career would also be possible to Khloes the photo post however. Therefore, more probably is Kim, but with the dear Kardashians which are good, as everybody knows, always for surprises, one never knows.