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Sexy shot: Now speaks FDP front Katja Suding

Sexy shot: Now speaks FDP front Katja Suding

The criticism was fierce: because the "Tagesschau" first showed the legs by Katja Suding the FDP in a report of the meeting of the three King before the Pan along the face followed the body, many viewers in the network of storm ran. Now the FDP front woman in the MOPO of the ARD contribution speaks.

Katja Suding

On Wednesday, started the election campaign Suding, presented the election posters for the State election. To her knee-pan, she said: "it brings much attention of course, but the hamburger will not choose sure me because my legs, but due to our political content."

Suding cool commented on the scandal, "the now not so high hang." Yet it finds the 39-years-old "it's okay, that Mr Gniffke has now apologised."

Kai Gniffke, editor in Chief of "ARD news", had previously apologized in the news blog for inclusion. "It's one of this pan, which we have seen in the 80's and early 90's and the likes provided the template for old Mr proverbs", so Gniffke.

Suding, which resulted in the last campaign "Our man for Hamburg" for Eddy: "Now all have seen that I can certainly skip the five percent hurdle with my athletic legs."