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Style SOS! Mandy Capristo exchanges dress with DSDS candidate

Style SOS! Mandy Capristo exchanges dress with DSDS candidate

This year's jury of DSDS has to offer only a single woman, but they know exactly how she can perfectly use her charms in scene: where Dieter Bohlen is the mouth of the round behind the lectern, Mandy Capristo is her strahlendster star! As a Fashionista as it is, a real eye-catcher can make really any look - and one who likes so I didn't notice her colleagues Dieter unless!

Liesa-Johanna Ehrenberg from Munich, Germany, which operates even an own fashion channel, figured that she would have landed a real hit with her Maxi dress as outfit for the casting call. But Pandey! Dieters little charming Board right at the beginning, when his eyes first rested on Joseph: "You may tear off not the curtain of your grandma." Mandy took the whole thing but far less dramatic - and settled on a deal with the pop-Titan: while his stylist was allowed to worry about Samantha, Mandy should slip into the dress of the student that reminded of Jesus before the crucifixion according to Dieter.

Said and done! And what not bad looking the gentlemen Heino, DJ Antoine and just style King planks, as Mandy was a top figure in the airy Beach dress! You had put Danielle, however, in one dieters shirts, which she rather felt like a Penguin. The end of the song: Unfortunately the redhead impressed with his performance by Ariana Grandes "almost is never enough" does not. But she could now at least give her dad a new top!

You can find all information about "Germany sucht den superstar" in the Special at RTL.de.

Mandy Capristo exchanges dress with DSDS candidate

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