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Watch the trailer! Here is Paul Rudd to Ant-Man

Watch the trailer! Here is Paul Rudd to Ant-Man

Starting July Paul Rudd will make uncertain the cinemas as "Ant-Man". He is together with Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas in the film version of the marvel to see. After producers fed last week with a teaser to the fans, the long-awaited trailer has been added now.

Almost two minutes long, the makers of the film provide insights into the action flick. It shows how Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) Scott (Paul Rudd) selects as his successor. He should tighten the super hero suit, shrink the carrier. "This is your chance to make friends, to be a hero that particular look your daughter. It's time to save our world. Scott, you have to be of the Ant-Man", inaugurates Pym to his elect. The short clip also shows that the audience in addition to adventure of plenty of can expect even a pinch of humor.

Paul Rudd to Ant-Man

You are absolute Marvel fans and can no longer wait for it? Then look at now the trailer for the movie highlight!