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Wife of Imran Khan Reham Khan video leaks that created the fury in Pakistan

Former Pakistan cricketer Imran Khan has finally accepted that he is married to the former BBC broadcaster Reham Khan. We share with you the 10 things you did not know about it and also a video leak that created the ruckus in Pakistan.

Reham Khan video leaks that created the fury in Pakistan

1. 41-year-old Reham Khan is a broadcast journalist. She has three children from his previous marriage.

2. reham was a sociology student, and later, she resumed journalism. During his journalism post graduation, she started her first job. After school, she used to work as a TV projector for legal TV for two hours every day.

3. after that, Reham switched to radio journalism and joined BBC as a daughter of the weather. She also worked for the South show called today as a presenter.

4. currently works for Reham Aaj TV in Pakistan.

5. She began her career in Pakistan in 2013.

6. in 2013, she caught a prominent place in the media for its coverage of the elections in Pakistan.

7. reham first husband was a known psychologist as Ejaj Rehman. They have three children: Sahir Ridha and Inaya

. 8. reham love eating chocolate.

9. it is a great foody and love to dance.

10. she likes to travel a lot and was born in the Sahara.