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Celebrities WHO believe Aliens! Demi Lovato

Celebrities WHO believe Aliens! Demi Lovato

Celebrities tend to possess some pretty inneresting beliefs, particularly wherever it considerations ALIENS!

Despite the shortage of concrete proof supporting extraterrestrial life, some of our favourite celebs, just like the beautiful Demi Lovato, believe UFOs and small inexperienced men.

In a 2014 interview, Demi insisted:

    I understand that they are real. however self-centred would we tend to be, as humans, to believe that we tend to ar the sole living things within the universe?

Well, we tend to were wholly on Lovato's facet till things got… WEIRD. Real WEIRD:

    I believe that there might probably be mermaids, that is really Associate in Nursing alien species that board elements of the ocean that we've ne'er explored before as individuals. And navigator had really seen 3 mermaids on his thanks to America.

Umm, we tend to should have lost the a part of the story wherever Columbus encountered mermaids on his trip to America!

But wait, the singer is not the solely celeb WHO believes in aliens…