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Cristiano Araújo body will be buried on Thursday, 25 in Goiânia

Ceremony will be at 11 am in the Palm Garden. Singer and his girlfriend, Allana Moraes Coelho, died after car accident on Wednesday, 23.

Cristiano Araújo body will be buried on Thursday, 25 in Goiânia

The bodies of Cristiano Araújo and his girlfriend Allana Moraes Coelho, will be buried on Thursday, 25 at 11 am in the cemetery graves near Garden of Palms in Goiânia. The couple died after suffering a car accident in the early hours of Wednesday, 24, the BR-153, between the towns of Goiatuba and Morrinhos in Goiás.

The funeral Cristiano, 29, and Allana, 19, drew a crowd of fans, and friends, family and artists on the evening of Wednesday, 24. The ceremony took place Music Palace, located in the Centro Cultural Oscar Niemeyer, in Goiânia, and was initially open only to family - the audience would begin to enter the 19h, but the doors were only open a little before 20h, when a huge queue had already formed at the entrance. The Music Palace was open to the public throughout the night so that fans could pay their respects to the singer.

Cristiano Araújo and his girlfriend Allana Moraes Coelho

Cristiano's body arrived at the funeral at around 18h20, surrounded by family. One of the most exciting moments was when Allana's coffin was opened. A team of rescuers remained all the time on stage, in the event of someone getting sick.

Some famous as William double Guilherme and Santiago, Israel Novaes, Ricardo and James and singer Mariano, double with Munhoz also made a point of going to the funeral. "Who had the opportunity to see a show Cris, you know the positivity him a complete artist and a great friend divide the stage several times I am very shaken When I heard yesterday and was going to do this:.... Stay less than 24 hours at home and back on the road, "said Mariano. Cristiano's sister, Ana Cristina Melo Araújo, arrived at the ceremony crying a lot, accompanied by friends and family. The singer's brother, Felipe Araújo - who also has a dual hinterland - was one of the most emotional and long remained beside the coffin.

funeral Allana of Moraes Coelho and Cristiano Araújo