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Jessie J is operated: 'Positive thinking is all that I need'

Singer told on social network without going into detail, who underwent surgery on Monday, 22.

Jessie J was operated and will have to stay a few days of rest. In the early hours of Tuesday, 23, the singer told profile on Instagram who underwent surgery on Monday, 22. In the social network, Jessie posted pictures before and after the operation and wrote:

"I'll be missing a few days and I want to show you why. I usually do not share things about my personal life (especially on my health) with anyone. I move on secretly. But I want to share with you before someone else do it in a distorted form and turn it in a much worse thing. Just so you know I'm right as you can see. I went through an operation yesterday and now I need to rest."

Jessie, however, has not told the reason for the surgery: "I will not say the reason for the operation, so stop asking and not seeking my relatives and people close looking for any information. It is a very personal matter and I know you can respect that. I just want to explain to my fans that I should stay away for a few minutes. Love, prayers and positive thoughts is all I need. Sleep, rest and maybe a pie and mash. But mainly focus my mind for a better body."

The singer said that it is not a problem with your voice or your heart. "For the record it is no problem with my heart or my voice. My heart and my voice are well. I need a moment to send a hug and a virtual kiss to all who are suffering right now. In hospital or at home. There is always someone worse than us and, at times like this, I pray for all of you. Hospitals have been my second secret house all my life and it's never good to be in them. But they can inspire beautiful songs. Trying to see the positive in everything (...). As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say: 'I'll be back.' "

In social networking, fans of Jessie J sent positive thoughts. "Be good and full recovery," wanted an admirer of the singer. "Improvements! Love you! "Said another.

Jessie J operationJessie J after operation

Jessie J before operation on Monday, 22