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Kylie jenner Says She's Been hangdog Since The Age Of nine, Addresses Haters On Snapchat

Kylie jenner announce a bunch of Snapchats last night before passing out, and also the 17-year-old reality TV actress goes on a rant concerning being picked on all her life. Well, seeing as she's during a total daze and appears like she's on the brink of go to sleep, it is not abundant of a rant, however you recognize however it's with Kylizzle...

The selfie queen says:

    It's quite crazy I actually have four million individuals watch my Snapchats. half you guys suppose i am weird, and also the partner suppose i am funny. however i have been hangdog since i have been nine. From the complete world, it sounds like generally... and that i suppose that I've done a extremely nice job in handling all this.

"There area unit bullies all over," throwing stick continued . "So, this was simply somewhat like Snapchat, to inform whoever with their own bullies, that the sole opinion that ever extremely matters is yours and to ne'er modification." The immature actress, UN agency is presently chemical analysis 25-year-old rapper Tyga, concluded, "This is not a pity party although, aren't getting it twisted. this is often for those with bullies out there to grasp that you are not alone... unfold love. Love y'all."