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Miley Cyrus still more skinny, worrying?

Miley Cyrus still more skinny, worrying

Hyper active on social networks, Miley Cyrus has shared several photos these past hours, including two of her in a bikini with related sides. Should we worry about the trash girl?

A real featherweight.

If the last time Miley Cyrus was a teton of the suspension, none of this today. The American 22-year-old singer took care of everything ranger for new photos that she posted on her page Instagram these last hours.

Still as sassy, trash girl starts once again staged with for one garment a tiny bikini. If we know that Miley Cyrus has a fine silhouette that it sometimes abuses with its excesses (drugs, alcohol), but it is also trying to preserve by sport, it seems to have still lost weight.

On the first picture posted, we discover particularly skinny, thin legs, slim belly and related sides. It promotes a drink, "Squirt" in front of the goal. Another detail that challenges, enormous shoes she wears at the feet of any spat Miley!

Miley Cyrus still more skinny

In the second picture, Miley appears at full reading, immersed in a book dedicated to the singer Joan Jett with whom she has recorded tracks Androgynous or Different unveiled at the same time as its founding Happy Hippies. Legs spread wide, Miley shows how it is not thick at the moment.

Miley Cyrus still more skinny

Miley Cyrus et Patrick Schwarzenegger s'évitent

Tous les deux présents à la même fête ce week-end, Miley Cyrus et Patrick Schwarzenegger ont pris soin de ne pas se croiser lors de la soirée organisée à Los Angeles. Les deux ex ne sont pas séparés en très bons termes. "Patrick et Miley n’ont pas interagi. Il ne lui a pas adressé la parole" a indiqué une source à Us Magazine.

Remember, Patrick was photographed flirting with one of his friends in his last vacation in Mexico ...