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MIA Khalifa: accused of transphobia by mocking Bruce Jenner

MIA Khalifa: accused of transphobia by mocking Bruce Jenner

Caitlyn compared a "Transformer"

Comments (deleted) Mia Khalifa against Bruce Jenner, the stepfather of Kim Kardashian, were not well received in social networks, where accused of transphobic.

Since the former athlete came out of the closet and reaffirm their sexual orientation, the porn star hasn't done anything else criticize it. And when Bruce decided to call Caitlyn Jenner, the American Lebanese also mocked. These jokes were deleted from their accounts Instagram and Twitter.

By these attitudes, Mia is being accused of transphobia. All your opinions have been negative. Perhaps Khalifa has been showing open to many sexual characters, for the same work, however, in this case was very closed-minded.

A large group of followers denounced it to transphobia, that is an intense hatred or prejudice against the transsexual or transgender people.

And his point was the father of Kendall Jenner, the Patriarch of the Kardashian, who has become an icon of the transgender and LGBT communities.

When Mia published a photo of Caitlyn did anything other than offending minorities, although it was only a joke, no one is willing to overlook in this attack. The Queen of the PornHub made a "Transformers" Bruce. It is the classic joke of the transformation.

MIA so far has not apologized.

Mia Khalifa the American Lebanese also mocked