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Shock: German Chancellor Angela Merkel collapsed!

Shock: German Chancellor Angela Merkel collapsed!

Two minutes without awareness

As Chancellor, she has to deal with an immense workload, looks permanently in a crowded schedule, meets day far-reaching decisions for an entire country, and also beyond. A crazy load that Angela Merkel (61) now has apparently brought to their limits: The Chancellor has suffered a collapse during the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth.

As reported by image, Angela Merkel is dropped during the first intermission of "Tristan und Isolde" suddenly fainted and slipped from her Chair. About two minutes she had been unconscious. But several others with her at the table have served, who cared about her and helped her back on its feet.

It was actually not the first time, that Angela Merkel is collapsing. Already at the CDU Party Congress in Cologne in December of last year she collapsed during a TV interview. One can only hope that not too much seems to be the Chancellor and is soon back fully fit.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel