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Signed: great career for Angelina Heger?

Signed great career for Angelina Heger

You would be huge

Now comes the big career? Angelina Heger is curious on their Facebook page, because here she share with their fans, what has made her especially happy this week. Apparently a new career highlight is the blonde ex-Bachelor's degree candidate.

"To celebrate of the day we go eat times chic. If you knew what I signed this week for a contract", writes Angelina and makes it immediately clear that she must not comment on the content. Under the posted photo, alongside her boyfriend Chrissi and with a bouquet of flowers to shows, taps, they continue: " AAH, I'm so happy and am soooo anxious when it is announced. Long promised but no longer! "

TV presenter, actress, or perhaps model? Since their participation in the dome show travelled through Germany's red carpet Angelina was a candidate in the jungle camp, showed up in Playboy, designed fashion, briefly worked as a DJ and cooks for a food manufacturer on YouTube - soon she will make a further challenge.

Angelina Heger is curious on their Facebook page

Angelina Heger