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Wife swap: Angelina Heger goes in the summer-jungle camp

Wife swap: Angelina Heger goes in the summer-jungle camp

One had to go for it

In a few weeks 27 celebrities in summer jungle camp vying for a ticket in the jungle. After all participants of the series have been announced, Angelina surprised now Heger with a post on Facebook: you suddenly also to be part of it. But who had to make way for them?

Walter Freiwald, Sara Kulka and Tanja Tischewitsch had actually should compete as candidates of the past season on the show. Out of this constellation is nothing more, as confirmed by RTL to Promiflash now: "there is a so-called 'wife swap' in the jungle camp of the summer. Angelina Heger comes for Tanja Tischewitsch." To the reasons of the change of short-term, the transmitter was however covered: "Tanja Tischewitsch for personal reasons not taking part. Further we can not comment on that."

Thus, so, Angelina Gets a second chance on the jungle. Delighted, she released shortly after the announcement of the change already a photo on Facebook: "hanging yeah yeah yeah!", the former Bachelor participant commented on the jungle camp surprise. Now it is so for the 23-year-old: I'm a celebrity, let me back in!

Tanja Tischewitsch

Tanja Tischewitsch summer Jungle Camp