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Dear off! Sylvie Meis and Momo broke up

Sylvie MEIs & Momo broke up

Presenter is back solo

Sylvie Meis was so happy! In the past, it seemed glaring to go the dainty presenter. She was beaming not only with her son, but also with a new love in her life. But that is now over. Sylvie is single again.

With its Maurice Mobetie, but everything should be so beautiful! Until recently, it was said that want to look at a common love nest the two and together begin their future. But according to an insider who has chatted to OKmag.de, will be with the beautiful Musings now final. The two had split up.

A fact that might confirm the love out of the two, is that no photos of the Swiss Club owner of Momo can be find on Sylvie's Instagram profile. Where are all the beautiful shots, which have referred to the happy times? On the page, they can be found anyway, not more. A clear indication - finally Sylvie has deleted all shared photos in other divisions...

Sylvie Meis and  Momo