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Is the pressure too much? Lorde shocks with photo: "My body is falling apart."

Is the pressure too much? Lorde shocks with photo: My body is falling apart.

With their debut album "Pure Heroine", Lorde became serious size in the music industry and is working currently on their next record and thus a small comeback. How big the pressure on the shoulders of the young musician but seems to weigh, it is now clear: completely cut off Lorde greeted their fan base from the recording studio!

"The skin just peels off of my lips and hands", proclaimed Lorde on Instagram and sent behind the same two photo evidence: with a busted lip and a swollen eye, the native New Zealander looks all pretty tired! "My eye water and crying", Lorde further complained. The recordings appear on their next record to demand anything from it, the workload is apparently too much for her: "I currently rarely see the Sun."

At fashion week Lorde had then but yet people look and have not even determinants her eye. She all with the necessary sense of humor seemed to see and joked with a view on their visit to New York: "everybody thinks anyway that I'm weird. It is also a show of Kayne, where the geeks are the beauties."


Lorde shocks with photo