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Karan Diss! Jan Leyk rushes mies "Bibi s beauty Palace"

It's no news that Jan Leyk has an own opinion to each celebrity. Just the waves are smoothed Heger Jans Diss Angelina, because the ex-BTN-star picks up the next victim - YouTube star Bibi Heinicke!

"Friday the 13th my timeline has achieved just" Jan Leyk begins his diss on Bibi Heinicke on Facebook. He writes about her famous channel "Bibi's beauty Palace": "Modern prostitution tries to reach young children with shit and the shit out to make as much money as possible," the 31-year-old Rails. Jans blasphemous attack does not end but in the videos of the 22-year but embarks on a personal level: "I've got a Tinitus, because the old man has a voice like someone desperately trying to fart in a moldy clarinet", judges the former Berlin - day & night-starring mercilessly.

Let's just hope that Bibi takes too much to heart the harsh criticism. Finally it runs professionally for the blonde pretty around: your video channel is celebrated by two and a half million fans and when pop stars Bibi Heinicke could try also away this year from YouTube as a presenter.

Jan Leyk

Bibi Heinicke

Bibi Heinicke