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Tom Cruise will disengage: evil hostility against Leah Remini

Tom Cruise will disengage: evil hostility against Leah Remini

Since Leah Remini has made itself an enemy with her book. In her memoirs, the actress revealed her time at Scientology. That goes too far for their Hollywood colleagues Tom Cruise. He should even really freak out because of the book of revelation.

"He thinks that it would be a great betrayal," said an insider to US weekly. Thus, the book is meant, in which Leah gives different stories about Tom. So, she tells of a supposed breakdown of the actor. While he should have an Assistant yelled at, when he was looking for baking ingredients, although they were right in front of him.

Besides Leah wrote about Tom's wedding with ex-wife Katie Holmes. The pair signed then you in the faith community because of inappropriate behavior during the wedding. Therefore, Leah had to participate in a special programme of the community. Katie apologized recently in the 20/20 magazine at Leah: "I regret to have angry Leah in the past and wish her all the best for the future."

By Tom Cruise, the King of Queens actress can expect no excuse. "Leah, as the Church would say, is a dogged person. Therefore, it is evil in their eyes. He blurred the memory of such a person in his life. He let them by the Scientologists violate", so the Insider. The denomination also Scientology already expressed to the book by Leah: "sadly run bitterness and anger through women, minis life. Instead of taking responsibility for the own problems, it is fast in it, to accuse others."